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Your Homebuying APPvocate Helping You Find Lenders You Can Trust

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A marketplace focused on consumer empowerment and fairness
We are the proud creator of the Fairness Alliance

Unlock Your Dream Home with Home Lending Pal
Your Personal Advocate in Lending

Down Payment & Credit Assistance

Automate finding credit and down payment assistance for your home purchase

Lender Matching

Kev can help connect you with a lender for pre-approval or to provide more information about credit and down payment assistance programs.

Track your Buying Power

Advanced algorithms and real-time data provide a highly accurate estimate of your buying power.

Verify Income and Debt

Instead of manually calculating your buying power, Kev can give you an estimate instantly. Save time and effort.

With Home Lending Pal, you can shop for and compare homes, prepare your finances and select a lender all in one place. It’s a seamless home-buying experience that allows you to earn up to $3,000 towards a down payment from lenders in our network. 


Find and save homes that fit your budget and lifestyle.

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Easily track your progress and get help every step of the way.

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Avoid buyer discrimination and get connected to the best lenders for your situation.

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“HLP is making it less stressful.

Incorporating AI for the home lending process makes it a lot easier. From watching the experience of mortgages, it’s a strict process. HLP is making it less stressful.”


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