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Find The Right Home And The Right Loan.

Designed for potential homebuyers in partnership with:

Designed for potential homebuyers in partnership with:

Home Lending Pal: Intelligent Mortgage Advisor

The New Contactless Way to Buy a Home

In the biggest financial transaction of your life, shouldn’t you be in control?

Our AI-powered mortgage advisor takes all the guesswork out of qualifying for a mortgage. Kev analyzes thousands of data points to find the most affordable mortgage options for you, uncovers hidden mortgage and closing costs, and identifies lenders that will lend to you. Once you complete your profile, you will have access to the same information that lenders use to start underwriting your loan and, when you’re ready, you contact the lenders that you want to talk to.

Meet Kev!

Find Homes That Fit Your Budget

Set up your profile and start searching for homes. When you find one that you like, Kev will show you how likely you are to get approved for that price range. And if you aren’t likely to get approved in your current situation, Kev will show you the steps to improve it.

See What You Need To Do To Afford Your First Home

81% of millennials who are first time home buyers have buyers remorse and on average they spent 6 hours researching the mortgage process. Unlike online mortgage calculators, Kev uncovers all the hidden costs that go into owning a home so you can see what your actual monthly expenditures will be.

You Control the Process

Home Lending Pal is a no pressure environment. There are no sales calls from lenders who are trying to make their monthly quotas. Instead Kev will show you a list of lenders who make loans to people in your financial situation. When you’re ready, choose the lenders you want to talk to and send them your information.

“HLP is making it less stressful.

Incorporating AI for the home lending process makes it a lot easier. From watching the experience of mortgages, it’s a strict process. HLP is making it less stressful.”


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