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7 Charming Ways to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

7 Charming Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Add an enchanting design feature to make your home’s exterior more attractive. The information below lists seven charming ways to ramp up the curb appeal at your house. From a quaint window box to spiffing up the front door, give your home a touch of charming character.

(1) Cottage-Inspired Window Box
A glorious window box provides irresistible curb appeal. Choose a window box made of wood, metal, or plastic and mount it underneath a front-facing exterior window. Fill your empty container with real or faux plants. Tier the plants with the tallest in the back of the window box. Next, pack shorter, full plants or colorful flowers into the container. Lastly, situate cascading green vines at the front of the window box.

(2) Glowing Solar Lights
Brighten up the front of your home with the warm glow of solar-powered lights. For example, use attractive solar lights to flank a sidewalk up to your front door or outline a flower bed. Position solar spotlights in a landscaped area to splash some gorgeous light on the front walls of your home or to highlight a favorite tree, water area, or rock formation.

(3) Simple Landscape Refreshers
Revive a dowdy landscaped area with a few easy refreshers. Replace dead bushes, plants, or flowers with healthy substitutes. Refresh unsightly landscaped or flower bed areas containing sparse or faded mulch, rock, or other landscape filler with fresh replacements. Add a few decorative items, such as a birdbath, gazing ball, welcome post, or garden flag, in your landscaped areas to increase the charming curb appeal.

(4) Front Door Design Magic
Because your front entry door is a major exterior focal point, it deserves your full decorating attention. Create a little design magic for your front door with a new paint color. For example, a midnight black front door emits a no-nonsense, traditional feel, while pristine white conveys a clean, simple vibe. Choose a red paint hue to make guests feel welcome or add a punch of vibrant color, such as pink, purple, or orange, to match your charismatic personality. Dress up your door with a new handle, kickplate, door knocker, wreath, and welcome mat.

(5) Vibrant Color Blast
Incorporate various flowerpots filled with vibrant flowers into your home’s new and improved curb appeal—select pots in assorted sizes, colors, shapes, and designs to increase the visual interest. Fill the pots with flowers that offer a blast of color, such as begonias, marigolds, petunias, or pansies. Situate the gorgeous flowerpots beside your front door, on the edge of steps, inside landscaped areas, or to decorate your front porch.

(6) Charming Shutter Ideas
Dress up each of your home’s exterior front windows with a pair of charming shutters. Whether you prefer the traditional classic black, louvered shutters, a rustic brown board-and-batten style, or something in between, choose a style to complement your home’s architectural design. Many exterior shutters are maintenance-free, weather-resistant, and resist fading by ultraviolet rays of the sun.

(7) Easy Front Porch Makeover
A cluttered, grungy, or even bare front porch does nothing to ramp up your home’s curb appeal. Give your porch an easy decorating makeover with a few pieces of outdoor furniture and accessories. For instance, lay down a colorful outdoor area rug over your porch floor. Add some practical, fun furniture pieces, such as a chess table with chairs, a small bistro set, a pair of wooden rocking chairs, or a comfy porch swing. Decorate the walls of a covered porch with a few weather-resistant art pieces. Hang pots of gorgeous green ferns at the edge of your porch roof to complete the captivating makeover.

Go beyond the traditional well-manicured lawns and landscaped areas to increase your home’s curb appeal. First, stand at the curb and examine the front of your house. Next, list your favorite curb appeal ideas from the above paragraphs to ramp up your home’s exterior charm.

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