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A Fairness-as-A-Service Solution Suite

Nurturing homebuyers toward mortgage readiness and streamlining the mortgage process for both parties

HLP helps increase pull through rates by using Day1 Certainty data providers to validate as much financial and credit information as possible before connecting leads to you.

Some of the Trusted Lenders of the Fairness Alliance

Why Partner with Home Lending Pal?

Connect Earlier with Future Homebuyers

Lenders can benefit from buying leads from Home Lending Pal as it provides them with access to a targeted and pre-qualified pool of potential borrowers who are actively looking for a home loan. This can help lenders save time and resources in their marketing efforts and increase their chances of closing more deals, ultimately leading to increased revenue and business growth.

Unique ways to Address CRA and Fair Lending Needs

Home Lending Pal provides lenders with a streamlined platform to find and connect with potential borrowers (including underserved communities). Lenders can access a pool of qualified, high-intent, and pre-vetted borrowers who are looking for home loans. The platform’s AI technology also helps lenders assess the borrower’s creditworthiness and financial situation, reducing the time and effort needed to approve a loan application. 

Hands-on lender support and training

Increase Revenue without increasing risk

Home Lending Pal aims to help lenders increase their efficiency and profitability by connecting them with the right borrowers. By creating their Fairness Alliance, Home Lending Pal provides lenders with a Fairness-as-a-Service solution suite to better support the needs of underserved communities as well.

Real-Time CRA reporting dashboard

Measure your impact and effectiveness within your assessment areas in real-time. Home Lending Pal helps automate manual tasks to improve your pull-through rates with borrowers in our marketplace.

Identify mortgage-ready applicants

Lender Benefits

HLP financially prepares borrowers for homeownership

Target the type of borrowers you want. Manage campaigns designed to nurture borrowers explicitly for your underwriting guidelines. Competition is not based on price. 

Fair Lending Supervision and CRA impact

HLP uses Location Intelligence to identify CRA-eligible borrowers searching for homes within FFIEC and FHFA census tracts. Our automated alert system raises awareness with leadership and your fair lending department. 

State of the Art Nurturing Process

Home Lending Pal continues to support your lead nurturing efforts well after we have connected a lead with you. Save up to $1200 per closed loan.

Consumer Benefits

Incentivized to close

Home Lending Pal helps improve consumer purchase readiness by offering up to $3,000 in rewards that can be given as cash, closing costs credits, or down payment assistance through CRA Qualifying Activities. 

Borrower Empowerment

Home Lending Pal has developed partnerships throughout the industry with the likes of ICE Mortgage,, Experian, FICO, IBM and others to use embedded AI to provide borrowers with tools to understand down payment assistance options, rental history impact on approval odds, home affordability, credit improvement and simulators, personalized credit education videos and much more. 


Kev is a free intelligent and trusted mortgage advisor that guides our members with a personalized experience to help in the home and loan selection process. HLP helps boost conversion rates for lenders by streamlining the document collection process and much more. 

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