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The industry is changing, are you ready?

The mortgage industry is changing rapidly and lenders have to be ready to adapt. Do topics like these constantly come up in your leadership meetings:

  • Fair lending compliance
  • Hiring top talent and retaining employees once you’ve trained and developed them
  • Implementing new technology and making sure you get a healthy return on your investment
  • Preparing for and managing volume fluctuations
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain

Home Lending Pal was built to address these issues and many more facing the industry today. We recruited an all-star team to help us design and refine our lender offering. With members from The Mortgage Collaborative and Flagstar Bank, along with our Chief Sales Officer who is a President’s Club level mortgage broker, we got great feedback during the process. 

You will build a more profitable business with Home Lending Pal. The platform is easy to set up and it plugs directly into your LOS. Once you’re connected, you will receive the highest quality referrals in the industry.

Instead of spending time coaching applicants on the mortgage process, you can allow Home Lending Pal’s platform to give borrowers a customized roadmap to homeownership. When they are ready they will begin contacting lenders. No more top-of-the-funnel leads that you have to race to call. 

Each applicant’s file will include a FICO® 8 Score based on Experian data, verified income and assets from Plaid and tax documents. The files also have an overview page so you can easily assess all the relevant information and prioritize your work. 

As a lender, you’ve worked diligently to comply with fair lending guidelines. HLP’s blockchain-based platform enables you to improve the comfort level of the borrower by concealing their personally identifiable information when a profile is sent to the loan officer.

“ Fair lending has been a challenge for the industry. Home Lending Pal, with their use of blockchain technology, has come up with an elegant solution to the problem.”

– Sanford Selman, The Mortgage Collaborative

Your team will love working with the system because it is intuitively designed and it will allow them to focus on closing deals. With more closed deals and less time spent on nurturing leads, you will quickly see the ROI that was lacking in other tech platforms. 

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