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Help Borrowers Get Mortgage-Ready and Close More Loans

Stop turning away potential customers. Give them a tool to help them achieve their homeownership goals.

Help Borrowers Get Mortgage-Ready and Close More Loans

Stop turning away potential customers. Give them a tool to help them achieve their homeownership goals.

Trusted by the Fair Lending Alliance

Increase Volume with Our Inclusive Nurturing Approach

Experience loan volume growth with our inclusive nurturing approach. Help direct and guide potential homebuyers with insight and effective, relevant communication earlier in their homebuying journey.

Offer a better experience

Extend a helping hand to your declined applicants, offering them a promising and achievable path to homeownership.

Retain more customers

Applicants that would normally drop out of your funnel will be nurtured in a white-labeled experience until they’re mortgage-ready.

Close more loans

When applicants are fully nurtured and ready to continue the home buying process, they are sent back to you for the next steps.

Personalized Guidance to Homeownership

Home Lending Pal’s co-branded solution keeps applicants highly engaged throughout the homebuying process and firmly in your funnel.

Mortgage Readiness Roadmaps

Empower applicants with tailor-made plans that guide them towards mortgage readiness.

Closing Incentives

Motivate applicants to stick around by offering exclusive in-app rewards towards closing.

Expand your customer base by helping more applicants achieve their homeownership goals

How it works

Identify Missed Opportunities Upfront
We help reduce declinations upfront by identifying DPA programs and grants that applicants may qualify for, right from your LOS. Make sure no opportunities slip through the cracks.

Nurture Applicants to Mortgage Readiness
We nurture your declined applicants with a white-labeled platform that provides financial tools, an AI-powered loan readiness coach, and customized plans to help them get mortgage-ready.

Reach Untapped Communities
Leverage co-branded marketing campaigns with HLP to increase financial literacy and product awareness in underserved communities. Build deeper trust and engagement with potential applicants.

Real-time CRA Eligibility Checks

HLP uses Location Intelligence software to identify CRA-eligible applicants searching for homes within your assessment areas.

  • Integrates directly with your LOS
  • Real-time notifications for eligible opportunities
  • Detailed reports and analytics

Existing Processes

Our Processes

  • Customer journey ends with declination letter
  • Declined applicants are given personalized guidance
  • LOs must manually search through DPA programs
  • We automatically identify eligible DPA programs
  • Applciants churn and close with other institutions
  • Incentivized to close with your institution via in-app rewards
  • Lack of applicant financial literacy
  • Focus on education and financial literacy
  • Lack of customer engagement
  • Increased engagement via gamification / notifications
  • Mis-incentivized, commission-based LOs
  • Alignment of CRA, Fair Lending, and revenue goals
  • Reduced approval rates
  • Increase approval rates by up to 30%

Seamless Search Experience At The Fingertips

Most applicants start their journey with home search. The process of exploring different properties ignites emotional connection that plays a significant role throughout the journey.

Promote your home-buying assistance programs directly on the properties the applicants are already looking at.

Increase Approvals Without Increasing Risk

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