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Transform LMI Outreach Strategies with Scalable Tech

Unlock efficiency with Home Lending Pal. Our software automates CRA-eligible opportunity identification and outreach to LMI communities. By removing manual steps, banks can effortlessly manage and scale DPA, rental history, HUD vouchers and SPCP programs at the loan-officer level, closing more loans and saving time. Request a demo to experience the future of inclusive, efficient home lending.

Average setup time is 2 – 4 weeks

Mortgage analytics to support LMI borrowers

How It Works

Determine Number Of Individuals Within Pipeline Impacted By Assistance Programs

Our platform leverages proprietary geospatial insights, empowering lenders to make data-driven decisions and optimize their lending strategies based on market trends and borrower behavior. Additionally, HLP offers CRA Qualifying Activities for majority-minority census tracts, helping you build trust and effectively reach diverse communities.

Re-engage prior site visitors who did not convert

Assess the impact on pull-through rates with DPA, SPCP, and/or grant programs integrated

HLP gives banks data analytics to find housing trends for strategic investments in low- and moderate-income areas

HLP boosts revenue and automates loan officer eligibility checks by injecting augmented CRA data into your POS system.

Our platform seamlessly integrates with any point-of-sale or loan origination system, injecting data at the point of sale to reduce declinations by 30%. This approach allows lenders to efficiently identify and connect with qualified applicants, streamlining the lending process and saving time and resources.

Enhance opportunities with targeted geofenced marketing services

HLP seamlessly integrates with existing data and reporting systems to drive strategic decision-making while minimizing disruptions to loan officers’ day-to-day activities. By customizing HLP to align with lending criteria and business goals, lenders can tailor their approach to match specific needs. HLP tools nurture underqualified users, helping them qualify for products and supporting loan officers in reaching, connecting with, and engaging new homebuyers of tomorrow.

HLP makes intelligent customer relationships easy

Lenders partner with HLP to access a robust and dynamic platform that supports the needs and develops relationships with near-mortgage-ready borrowers. We also offer strategic efficiency, compliance, and adaptability advantages in the ever-evolving lending industry.

We’ll make HLP your customer engagement platform

Lenders partner with HLP to access a robust and dynamic platform that not only connects them with qualified borrowers but also offers strategic advantages in terms of efficiency, compliance, and adaptability in the ever-evolving lending industry.

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