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Use Homeownership Goal Tracker to Build a Plan to Buy a Home

Go from research to a closed loan with ease. Our artificial intelligence allows users at different stages of the home buying process to receive the personalized help they need.

Effortlessly track your options to become a homeowner

Finally, there is a way to compare homes you like financially. Add multiple homes to keep track of your ability to buy in a centralized location.

Increase Saving Opportunities and approval success

Let artificial intelligence interact with lenders to make recommendations on areas of improvement. Data allows us to create a path to success based on similar profiles to yours that have successfully become a homeowner.

Budget Strain Calculations

The hidden cost of homeownership stresses 81% of new homebuyers out. Our automated systems help identify as much as possible before you sign the dotted line.

Easily determine lifestyle impact

Get real-time insight on how your favorite homes will impact your finances based on your current lifestyle. If you like what you see, share your profile with the lender or lenders of your choice.

Hidden Cost Alerts

Get alerts of hidden costs that could turn owning your dream home into a nightmare.

Purchase Readiness Tracking

Keep track of how ready to buy you are of the home you love.

What-if Simulator

Simulate “what-if” scenarios with no negative impact.

Automated with Data Privacy

We digitize and automate the process while keeping your data private.

Sign Up for Home Lending Pal Today

Get a personalized roadmap to follow to become a homeowner. You’ll know the expected time to close, red flags you need to address, and what you need financially.

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