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Becoming a homeowner is a journey that takes time

Home Lending Pal continuously collects data points to make recommendations with no negative impact or sales pressure. The road to homeownership is a journey that our artificial intelligence takes with you.

Get the right help for your current stage. Whether you’re actively looking, passively looking or just daydreaming, we can provide insight on what is needed  with your improvement plan.

Doing more than just connecting you to lenders

Realtors, lenders, and financial experts from non-profits contribute to our database to build our mortgage education process. Ultimately, this allows for personalized recommendations to be made with no intrusive behavior if you are just exploring your options.

Protect Yourself

Never worry about us risking your financial health or credit score to make you a homeowner. Our recommendations are made based on qualified mortgage principles. This is the safest approach to ensure affordability.

Avoid being caught off guard

Low initial payments and interest rates can be tempting until you are caught off guard by costs that accelerate alongside the interest. Let us help you avoid getting into a home with unbearable debt as much as possible.

Make progress towards your goals

Track your progress towards different milestones needed to achieve your goals of homeownership. Receive alerts on new options or market changes that our artificial intelligence finds for you.

No Embarrassment

You are the only one with initial access to your account.


Get steps supported by data to help you buy a home.

Improvement Plan

Identify areas to improve before submitting your application.

Progress Tracker

Get notified when you will have the highest odds of approval success.

Create a free Home Lending Pal Account Today!

Machine learning may identify opportunities and options that humans did not think of. At least give us a chance to try to turn your “what-if” into a dream come true.

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