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Expanding access to credit could allow more to become homeowners

To address borrower demographics and attitude shifts towards debt – we are trying to help lenders use alternative credit as an additional means to determine creditworthiness. This industry-wide shift is essential to help millennial, and minority borrowers obtain their homeownership goals.


Remove feelings of embarrassment and discouragement

Our Mortgage Score uses multiple data points from credit bureaus and financial institutions to determine whether you are an acceptable financial risk and provide you your likelihood of success with complete privacy before you apply.

Creating a new pathway to homeownership

Our HeLP token creates a secure global identity, allowing lenders to validate information to offer compliant loans without forcing borrowers to expose personal information.

Conducting research for you

We are encouraging credit bureaus to include alternative credit history in your soft pull within our blockchain ecosystem. When validated, this data expands our artificial intelligence prediction algorithms to include small lenders that are less likely to deny applicants based on their credit history.

Leveraging alternative credit data from the credit bureaus

We can help gather your alternative credit payment history and identify government-insured loan programs that accept alternative credit for Americans with little to no credit history and no defaults.

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