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Get a Faster Mortgage Loan Approval

Get a Faster Mortgage Loan Approval

Mortgage loans are essential for individuals who need long-term financing for a home. Whether purchasing a home or refinancing, a borrower’s responsiveness has some impact on a lender’s processing time frame. Using a proactive approach could result in a faster mortgage loan approval.

Submit a Completed Loan Application

Applying for a mortgage loan in a local bank branch ensures that most borrowers will present a thoroughly completed application. Generally, a loan officer will provide assistance toward the completion of the application. However, applications that are submitted online or via postal delivery services may require borrowers to take a second look. Before submitting a loan application, a borrower should ensure that all applicable items are completed.

Communication With Your Loan Officer

During the mortgage loan process, you might have several questions about your loan. If you have concerns about the interest rate, loan terms, or the amount of your mortgage payment, a loan officer should be able to answer any questions about the financing details.

Some mortgage lenders can process a loan within two weeks. It might take a lender up to two months to close a mortgage loan. Communication is one of the most significant obstacles to overcome for a timely closed mortgage loan. To help expedite a quicker settlement, you can exchange cell phone numbers and email addresses with your loan officer.


Taking immediate action to forward lender-requested information could improve closing time frames. For instance, you can fax or email certain documents to your loan officer. Calling your loan officer to confirm the receipt of your documents reflects a high level of follow-up and persistence.


Loan officers who work on commission are usually eager to work with motivated borrowers—giving your loan officer the impression that you want to reach settlement sooner could be beneficial. Positive actions should result in a faster mortgage loan approval.

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