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Balance America - A Fairness-as-A-Service Solution Suite

Real-Time Eligibility Analytics

Simple, Intuitive Reporting for Actionable data

Automatically get fair lending eligibility from new leads, loans in your LOS, or upload batch files to check multiple addresses at once.

Welcome to Home Lending Pal’s
Atlas CRA Platform

Bringing Awareness, Accountability, and Oversight to your CRA and Fair Lending Opportunities

Automate Fair Lending

Remove the manual elements of property searches and start implementing your Fair Lending strategy.

Instant Fair Lending Validation

Immediate results and real-time reporting provides transparency, accountability that drives results.

LOS Integration-Ready

Our LOS Integrations allow faster and more reliable data without manual submissions.

Why Choose Us?

Home Lending Pal’s Atlas CRA brings proactive, simple front-end opportunity awareness, accountability, and oversight to a complex process. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we provide the fastest and most accurate CRA and Fair Lending validation solution. We’ve reduced the workflow to the fewest steps and use the most current FHFA or FFIEC census tract data that is constantly updated from the source. The platform allows lenders the flexibility to cater their CRA and Fair Lending strategy to their assessment area and/or REMA without the confusion commonly encountered when navigating big data. Our first step is simplicity, so your next step is clear.

Amazing tools to monitor CRA and Fair Lending Opportunities

  • Minimal Data Required – Eligibility provided from a minimum of 6 non-NPI data points
  • Easy-to-understand graphic analytics
  • Automated Fair Lending Results emailed directly to Management and Compliance
  • No re-keying. Property info is pulled from your system of record or flat-file
  • Fair Lending Results fed back into your LOS
  • Target your specific Assessment Areas or REMA Areas 
  • Customize accountability emails and red flags to drive more application and more originations

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Our two-year proof of concept with FirstBank yielded a 91% increase in geotargeted fair lending closed loans and 116% increase in fair lending applications.

We are proud to provide the first proactive tool to assist Banks, Credit Unions, and Lenders with their CRA and Fair Lending goals.
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