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Save on your home with HLP Rewards

HLP offers our members up to $3,000 in rewards to complete actions that will help us find lenders with loan programs you qualify for.

(Average Sign-up time is 3 minutes)

Earn cash to close on a home loan

1. Join for Free

2. Earn rewards by completing activities

3. Save at closing by redeeming your rewards

For Profit, For Good

Our mission is to provide a safe and secure place for anyone to make the dream of homeownership a reality. Our marketplace and technology ensure lenders focus awareness, accountability, and oversight on Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and Fair Lending requirements.

We have designed Home Lending Pal with borrower empowerment in mind to help address the inefficiencies and biases in the home buying process. Fairness for all should be a requirement, not just a topic of conversation. Lenders within the HLP network are leveraging our alert system to make more informed decisions to address possible biases in their process.

Making a difference

Home Lending Pal charges lenders to raise awareness about home buying assistance programs and a flat fee when you request to get pre-approved for a home loan. In addition, HLP requires all lenders in our network to perform weekly performance check-ins to provide feedback on their decisions. 

This Means

  • Our business model is driven by successfully helping you become a homeowner.
  • Up to 2% of our revenues are donated back to our members and their communities.
  • We verify if you qualify for grants, down payment assistance, and credit assistance programs that lenders have but don’t advertise.

You’re not in this alone

Some talk about fairness and the need for change. Our founders spent 3+ years attending DC-based advocacy conferences, learning laws, and building a process to help all. It wasn’t easy, but change takes courage.

About HLP Rewards

What is HLP Rewards?

HLP Rewards is a loyalty program that helps you save money on buying a home. We started HLP Rewards to help more lenders support borrowers in building their financial future.

How do I join HLP Rewards?

To join HLP Rewards, just create a free HLP Account. You’ll automatically be enrolled in our rewards program the first time you open the app. Then, visit your Rewards page often to see what you have earned and ways to earn. 

If you already have an HLP Account, there is no need to create a new one. Sign in now to see your rewards.

Who is eligible to join HLP Rewards?

Anyone 18 years of age or older can use HLP Rewards.

Why do lenders support HLP Rewards?

HLP provides a marketplace for lenders to advertise and market lesser-known mortgage products and programs to people who need them at scale.

We consult, monitor, and train banks on how to better support applications considered to be “harder deals.”

Our reward system also provides a way for lenders to get fair lending credit for their efforts.

Earning HLP Rewards Bucks

How do I earn HLP Rewards?

There are so many ways to earn reward points! Reading articles, using calculators, and filling out your mortgage pre-approval checklist are just a few examples. We constantly add new ways to earn reward points while improving your mortgage approval options.

How many times can I do each activity to earn HLP Rewards?

It depends on the activity.

Most activities can only be done once yearly, although you can earn points for referring new members multiple times.

Your HLP Rewards page will show you what’s available.

Using HLP Rewards for home purchase

What can HLP Rewards be redeemed for?

HLP Rewards can be redeemed for down payment and closing cost savings on your next home purchase.

And that’s only the beginning! In the months ahead, we’ll be adding more reward options with different lenders in the HLP network.

How do you redeem HLP Rewards?

Once you create an account or sign in, you can visit your HLP Rewards page, Submit your pre-approval request through the HLP app to start your redemption process.

HLP partners with lenders willing to allow you to redeem any rewards earned during your experience at closing time.

Do HLP Rewards expire?

No HLP Rewards never expire.

Do I have to use a lender from the HLP network?

Yes. Submitting your information through our app is the only way to ensure you receive your reward points.

You may let Kev select a lender for you or pick the one you desire to work with yourself.

Who's eligible to receive HLP Rewards for closing cost credit?

In general, you’re eligible for the closing cost credit if you’re getting a mortgage loan that’s a retail purchase mortgage from any lender in our network. You’re not eligible if your loan is a refinance loan or you applied through a broker or one of our partners.

If your points were earned from app activities, some additional restrictions apply. You can’t redeem activity points for closing cost credit if you apply outside of the HLP app.

Can I combine HLP Rewards with other promotions or discounts?

Yes! HLP Rewards can usually be combined with other discounts and promotions so you can save as much money as possible – though there are some exclusions. Check with the lender you connect with to see if the offer can be combined with other deals.

I'm using a real estate agent that is not affiliated with HLP. Can I still use my HLP Rewards on my mortgage?

Yes! To save on your closing with HLP Rewards, you simply need to submit your pre-approval request in the HLP app. However, if you need a great real estate agent, HLP can match you with a top-rated agent in your community.

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