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The Process

With Home Lending Pal, you can automate finding special-purpose credit programs, down payment assistance, and closing cost grants.  We allow you to prepare your finances and select a lender all in one place. It’s a seamless shopping experience without any embarrassment and emphasizes the fair treatment of helping everyone become a homeowner.

Explore at Your Pace.

Become a member

Let Your Voice Be Heard
Start by downloading our free app to become a member. Answer some survey questions, access your free credit report and connect your banking information.

Earn cash to close on a home loan

Get Paid to Engage.

A little cash never hurt nobody

Lenders, non-profit organizations, and philanthropic funds have joined forces with HLP to strengthen their mission of rewarding you for exploring your homeownership options. Up to $3,000 towards closing costs or a down payment can be earned! So become a member, interact with the app, and get that free money.

Earn cash to close on a home loan
Home Search

Interactive Home Search

Find a home that fits your budget

For the first time ever, you can search for homes in an experience custom-tailored for you. See if you qualify for grants and down payment assistance programs from lenders in real-time. Home Lending Pal has partnered with ComeHome to help you better understand what you need to do to buy the home you want.

Progress Feels the Best.

Set your home goal and track your progress

Connect your financial and credit information from verified sources that lenders use like Experian or Plaid to track changes in your buying power over time.

Personalized Credit Education.

Free credit check

No need to feel embarrassed or unsure. 90% of lenders use FICO® Scores when they evaluate a loan application, and we’re the only non-lender that can show FICO® Scores for free thanks to an exclusive partnership with Experian. Get your free FICO® report to see what you need to do to improve your score.

The Fairness Alliance.

Finding lenders to work with

Kev loves housewarmings and borrower empowerment, so we built the Fairness Alliance. As you provide your information and search in peace, our products help lenders better understand how best to work with you. Then, when you are ready to be pre-approved, connect to one of our lending partners that utilize our backend software to help ensure fairness for all!

On Your Side

We reviewed more than one hundred million mortgage transactions to prepare our recommendations. Our fairness algorithms are on your side.

“Extremely interesting and super…

Extremely interesting and super helpful. Some of the tools they had saved me some time, but the most interesting/helpful part is helping me find the best rates and lenders without having to bombard my credit. ”


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