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You Are Closer to a New Home Than You Realize

Home Lending Pal makes researching and applying for a mortgage a simple, seamless experience. We designed the platform so it hides information that identifies users and our lenders share their lending guidelines upfront. And, our AI tools protect borrowers from lending discrimination. We use consumer advocacy to drive systemic change within the mortgage industry.


Create an Account

In just a few steps you can set up an account so Kev can start working for you. We’ll need access to some banking information just like several other popular apps you use everyday. Don’t worry we have the same security that your bank uses.

, Home Lending Pal
, Home Lending Pal
Your Ai-Powered Home Mortgage Advisor


Connect a bank account

Our AI tools visualize your data and we hide your age, sex, race, and contact information. This allows us to help you evaluate loan options that lenders are offering you and their impact on your financial health.


Authorize a soft FICO pull

We are the only non-lender that shows you FICO scores that mortgage lenders use for free, so our calculations are more accurate. Simulate different credit scenarios, watch personalized videos, and more.

, Home Lending Pal
, Home Lending Pal
, Home Lending Pal


Shop for a home

Once you find a home that you love you can save it to your profile before using our tools to see how affordable it is.

, Home Lending Pal


Inform home buying decision

Our AI will deliver tangible loan opportunities for homes that you love and show you ways to improve your odds for getting approved

, Home Lending Pal
, Home Lending Pal
, Home Lending Pal


Let blockchain protect your data

We integrate into lenders’ back-end systems to control who can see your data with a private key. As a result, you only share your financial profile with the people who need access to your data.

, Home Lending Pal

“Extremely interesting and super…

Extremely interesting and super helpful. Some of the tools they had saved me some time, but the most interesting/helpful part is helping me find the best rates and lenders without having to bombard my credit. ”


, Home Lending Pal
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