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What’s Your Moonshot idea?

In a world where everyone wants to be the same, we dare you to join a team that wants to do something different. To build solutions that focus on building trust, data transparency, and knowledge building for potential homebuyers. To digitize something as complex as buying a home so that it can be an online shopping experience that allows potential borrowers to go from researching options to closing on their mortgage with little to no human interaction if they choose. We will have to continue to convince multiple industry players to adopt an AI-Powered Mortgage Advisor and blockchain technology for the greater good of all involved.

Our public beta has already drawn strategic investment interest from five different large enterprise players. But, we know we can do more to innovate. We want people that are passionate about data, creating a great product, and clean code. We want the big idea thinkers that are confident in their abilities to deliver. We want people that believe in unicorns!

We currently have no job openings

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