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Designed for potential homebuyers in partnership with the Fairness Alliance:

Meet Kev, Your Personal Mortgage Assistant

First-time homebuyers spend an average of 6 hours online researching home buying, but 64% of them have buyer’s remorse during their first year of owning a home. Kev is here to make sure you won’t be one of them with answers to your questions, detailed financial calculations and insightful recommendations.

“Kev, what is a DTI ratio?”

“DTI stands for debt to income ratio. It shows what percent of your income that your monthly housing expenses represent. Your housing expenses include proposed mortgage debt, property tax and insurance.”

“Kev, I pay $1200 per month in rent. How much house can I afford?”

“A quick estimate is around $240,000, but I will need to collect some more information to give you a more accurate number.”

“Kev, I can’t afford a down payment yet. Do I qualify for first time homebuyer assistance?”

“You might qualify. I can show you a few options. You may also want to consider increasing your savings rate by eating in more. Have you considered a meal kit subscription?”

Kev’s Got Your Back.

Kev is your personal mortgage assistant and he can answer questions about every element of the home buying process.

Best of all, Kev is absolutely free.

Every rent payment you make is paying someone else’s loan. It’s time you stop renting and start buying.

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