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Get ready for the best digitally validated referrals in the industry.

Spend less time prospecting and more time closing!

  • Are you ready to find new, purchase-ready and vetted leads?
  • Have you gotten tired of purchasing leads only to find out that 5-10 other lenders have already contacted them?
  • Are you tired of 3-5% lead conversion?
  • Do you want to spend less time educating borrowers about the mortgage process and more time generating revenue?

Home Lending Pal was built by a former underwriter and a President’s Club level mortgage lender to help you build a more profitable business.

The platform nurtures borrowers until they are ready to contact you. Borrowers interact with a chatbot that educates them about the mortgage process so you don’t have to. When they are ready to move forward the lead will be synced with your system for easy follow up and they’ll be ready for a speedy closing. Each lead has an overview page that is designed for you to quickly assess all the relevant information.

Home Lending Pal gives borrowers access to their FICO® Score and their Plaid data so they can review their income and assets. With our technology they can upload a copy of their tax returns, W-2 and their pay stubs to further validate their scenario and loan recommendations. All of this information is transferred to you to begin the process.
Thanks to our AI, our leads will already know the right type of mortgage for them and the terms that are best for their financial situation.

Signing up as a lender is seamless. You provide us with your mortgage overlays and we enter them into our system. Once we add the parameters to our machine learning algorithm we connect our system to your system. We designed the onboarding process with the help of Flagstar Bank’s mortgage team so you should be confident that it’s built for compliance and scale.

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