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Strategies & tools to close more near-mortgage-ready loans

HLP uses first-party data from your Customer Management System (emails, mailing addresses, site visitation data) and data from our 60 million+ user profiles to identify the behavioral patterns of your top converting customers, then find new mortgage-ready and near-mortgage-ready households with similar profiles that can be nurtured to close. We have helped more than 21,000 people become homeowners, generating more than $4B in incremental loan volume.

Average setup time is 4 weeks

How It Works

Our platform provides valuable data-driven insights, enabling lenders to make informed decisions and refine their lending strategies to build trust based on market trends and borrower behavior. As an additional benefit, HLP can provide marketing services specifically targeted to majority-minority census tracts.

Re-engage prior site visitors who did not convert

Target users based on the content they’ve engaged with online

Target new users based on the behavioral patterns of your converting customers

HLP incubates and builds relationships with consumers to mortgage-readiness

Our platform offers a streamlined and efficient lending process, saving lenders time and resources in identifying and connecting with qualified applicants. HLP also provides cost-effective solutions to lenders to optimize their marketing budgets by targeting and nurturing the most relevant and promising leads on a path to pre-approval.

Marketing services to increase opportunities

Lenders can customize their engagement with HLP to align with their specific lending criteria and business goals, ensuring a tailored and practical approach. HLP provides tools that ensure underqualified users routed from your database are nurtured based on helping them qualify for your products. Let us help you reach, connect, and engage with the new homebuyer of tomorrow.

HLP makes intelligent customer relationships easy

Lenders partner with HLP to access a robust and dynamic platform that supports the needs and develops relationships with near-mortgage-ready borrowers. We also offer strategic efficiency, compliance, and adaptability advantages in the ever-evolving lending industry.

We’ll make HLP your customer engagement platform

Lenders partner with HLP to access a robust and dynamic platform that not only connects them with qualified borrowers but also offers strategic advantages in terms of efficiency, compliance, and adaptability in the ever-evolving lending industry.

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